Lease Purchase

This is a form of Hire Purchase. VAT is not charged on the monthly payments, so itís particularly suited to non VAT registered businesses.
Customers also enjoy reduced monthly payments with this option, as the anticipated vehicle value at the end of the agreement is deferred to one final payment. The interest rate is fixed at the beginning and does not vary throughout the term of the agreement irrespective of how interest rates change over the period.
Deposit Agreed
Number of Monthly Rentals
Option to Purchase Fee and Agreed Final Payment are Made.
Vehicle Ownership Passes to the Customer.
Start of agreement
End of agreement
- You can fund your vehicle as an asset on your balance sheet.
- You can claim writing down allowances.
- The finance element of your agreement is not subject to VAT.

How Does it Work?
First choose your vehicle. Then select an agreement period. Depending upon the agreed length, we'll ask you to pay a number of monthly payments in advance and a large final payment, which represents the anticipated future value of your vehicle at the end of your agreement. Provided you've fulfilled all the terms of your agreement, you can pay the purchase fee to take ownership of the vehicle.