Personal Contract Purchase

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) offers the driver all of the benefits they would associate with a company car, without the personal tax burden. An integrated PCP package can ease the transition from a company car to one of their own.
The Benefits.

- Low initial payment, typically equal to 3 monthly finance payments.
- The driver can enjoy all the benefits of having a company car, including maintenance, servicing and breakdown cover, all included in one monthly payment.
- You will benefit from our considerable purchasing power and unlike many manufacturers car plans, our PCP product to any particular make or model.
- You have the option to buy the when the contract is up by making the final "balloon payment", agreed at the start of the term. Alternatively you can return the vehicle to the finance company with nothing more to pay. (subject to any excess mileage or damage to the vehicle)
- The single, fixed monthly payment takes into account the cost of the car, its rate of depreciation, the length of the contract, mileage and any additional services you may wish to build in.